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I adopted a mixed terrier breed from a shelter who was just barely 3 months old. I hadn’t had a puppy in over 16 years and was at a loss for what to do next. I few weeks later, I called Fred at Who’s the Boss and set up my first appointment. Fred was great. He came to my home to meet my dog and I and made me feel completely comfortable with him so I knew this was going to work from the get go. More importantly, my dog felt comfortable with him and immediately knew Fred was the “Boss” which made learning so much easier. He explained that the training starts with me and that I had to be trained to be the “Boss” and he was so right! As soon as I began believing that mentality, working with my dog with confidence and using the techniques that I was learning, my dog began to learn as well. Thank you Fred and Who’s the Boss!!!
— Ali Ronit

Simply stated, Who’s The Boss dog training generates successful results. I was amazed at the quick change in behavior after just a couple of training lessons - my puppy is full of energy, but once I learned how to communicate from the perspective of the canine world, our Wrigley quickly responded to understanding his place in our family’s (pack’s) hierarchy. Our puppy is now more comfortable, as is our family, thanks to Fred and the education provided on how the canine thinks and reacts to our world. I am pleased to say that my dog definitely knows who’s the boss.
— Jeff Berkowitz

I just want to say that Fred helped us a great deal. Fred worked with both of our dogs. First he worked with Snowy, our American Eskimo, and then he worked with Morgan, our Havanese. Fred did not have a cookie cutter approach. He handled each one of our dogs with the unique care that each one of them required. My husband and I were having a lot of trouble with Snowy. Fred listened to our concerns and explained to us exactly how he was going to work with us to take care of the situation. Fred handled the situation with confidence and care, and really made us feel like there was a positive solution to our problems. After 8 weeks of working with Fred, we saw a drastic improvement in the behavior of both of our dogs, and we felt much more confident about being dog owners. I would highly recommend Fred to anyone who wants to train their dogs.
— Linda Hurley

Fred Levi saved my life, my marriage, and my children’s willingness to speak to me. I am not exaggerating. I had a happy life, except that my 9 year old daughter and my 7 year old son had been asking to get a dog for over a year. I knew that a dog was going to disrupt my life, Of course they assured me that they would train the dog, would walk the dog, and clean up after the dog made a mess. And, of course, I knew that after a few weeks none of that would happen. But my wife even started to succumb to the idea. And so ... I finally agreed.

Then one day we were at a breeder’s house.. And there was a litter of gorgeous Chocolate Labradors. The kids picked a beautiful and adorable puppy.

My life was about to change. And change it did. Needless to say, it did not take very long until the kids became tired of walking Kirby, and they had no interests in cleaning up the gifts Kirby left on the days newspaper. And so everything was left to my wife and me.

I started to try to train Kirby. I quickly realized that I did not have a clue about what I was doing. . And so someone at my office told me about Fred Levi and Who’s The Boss Dog Training.

And that is how Fred Levi came into my life. I called him and he came over to my home two nights later. He calmed me down and he eased my anxiety. He explained his philosophy about training dogs, explaining to me that every breed of dog has it’s own peculiarities. He answered my questions about how he would go about training Kirby with my children and my wife and me. And how much I would have to pay him.

I am so happy that my colleague suggested that I contact Fred. After working with Fred for eight weeks my wife and I are much more confident about how we handle KIrby, about how the kids need to behave with Kirby. We all love Kirby now, even me. Kirby is a happy dog and we are happy to have KIrby in our home. I don’t think we could have become a happy Kirby family without Fred.

Fred Levi knows what he is doing.!
— Ronald Wild

When I called Who’s the Boss I was desperate and afraid I would have to give away the 2 yr old dog I loved dearly. She had suddenly become aggressive and I was afraid she would bite another dog or person while out on a walk on the busy streets of Chicago. Her separation anxiety was so bad she was drawing complaints from the neighbors and I was afraid she would hurt herself while I was not home. From the first time I met Fred, I knew he could help. His calm energy immediately put both me and my dog at ease. Over the course of our sessions, Fred retrained me and transformed my aggressive dog into a calm and gentle animal. Your success depends upon your commitment to consistently follow Fred’s advice and to make a permanent change in your behavior. Highly recommend Fred and Who’s the Boss!
— Gina Tallerico

Who’s the Boss Dog Training is amazing! I worked with Fred with my pitbull, Bruiser. The techniques that Fred teaches work 100% - hands down. I continue to use what he taught me today with my new pitty, Meatball.
— Denise Kroll