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Obedience training

Learn commands for structure, and leadership, enriching the dogs life using these obedience training methods to ensure the happiness of you and your dog. “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Heel”, “Come”, “Place”, and more….

house breaking

Teaching your puppy or adult dog to go to the bathroom in the correct place, learning the limits of the household as it goes, allowing you and your family to have the cleanest and happiest home possible.

puppy training

Teach your puppy the essentials to make it’s life and yours better using Housebreaking, Socialization, Obedience Commands, and even more… Allowing your puppy to grow up and be the best Dog it can.

behavior modification

Helping solve your dogs behavior problems. We’re able to fix all of the problems including: Hyperactivity, Excessive anxiety, fear based issues, excessive barking, destructiveness, jumping on people, leash pulling, dog to dog aggression, food or object aggression and leash aggression as well . All of these are problems that can be fixed and corrected.